Sunday, March 07, 2010

My 100 Favorite Films released between 2000-2009

I started this list in December. I finished it at the end of that month. I would change most of the spots. Move some things around, take out others, you get the idea. Whatever. I like these films.

1. "O Brother Where Art Thou?"
2. "Up"
3. "No Country for Old Men"
4. "My Life as McDull"
5. "Inglorious Basterds"
6. "The Dark Knight"
7. "Dancer in the Dark"
8. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy"
9. "Punch Drunk Love"
10. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
11. "Wall-E"
12. "The Departed"
13. "Conversations with Other Women"
14. "Sin City"
15. "Children of Men"
16. "Waitress"
17. "Lars and the Real Girl"
18. "Kill Bill/Kill Bill: Vol. 2"
19. "Doubt"
20. "Borat"
21. "Hell House"
22. "Shoot 'Em Up"
23. "Freddy Got Fingered"
24. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"
25. "I Heart Huckabees"
26. "The Wrestler"
27. "2 Days in Paris"
28. "Step Brothers"
29. "X2"
30. "Superbad"
31. "Ratatouille"
32. "Amelie"
33. "High Fidelity"
34. "Zombieland"
35. "Cecil B. Demented"
36. "Good Night and Good Luck"
37. "The Hurt Locker"
38. "About a Boy"
39. "Clerks 2"
40. "The Hangover"
41. "Suicide Club"
42. "Team America: World Police"
43. "Ocean's Eleven"
44. "The Aviator"
45. "Catch Me If You Can"
46. "Being John Malkovich"
47. "Millions"
48. "Closer"
49. "The Cell"
50. "In the Realms of the Unreal"
51. "Mulholland Dr"
52. "Memento"
53. "Revolutionary Road"
54. "Man on Wire"
55. "The Savages"
56. "In Bruges"
57. "Mean Girls"
58. "Stranger Than Fiction"
59. "Synecdoche, New York"
60. "Brokeback Mountain"
61. "Frost/Nixon"
62. "Requiem For a Dream"
63. "Slumdog Millionaire"
64. "Zoolander"
65. "Wet Hot American Summer"
66. "Foot Fist Way"
67. "Ghost World"
68. "Junebug"
69. "Batman Begins"
70. "Knocked Up"
71. "Collateral"
72. "Syriana"
73. "Best in Show"
74. "Fantasia 2000"
75. "Moulin Rouge"
76. "Shaun of the Dead"
77. "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie"
78. "Hard Candy"
79. "Half Nelson"
80. "Death to Smoochy"
81. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
82. "Be Kind Rewind"
83. "Jesus Camp"
84. "Million Dollar Baby"
85. "The 25th Hour"
86. "Minority Report"
87. "Monsters, Inc."
88. "Old School"
89. "Grizzly Man"
90. "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"
91. "Return to Me"
92. "Tropic Thunder"
93. "Bad Santa"
94. "The King of Kong"
95. "You Can Count on Me"
96. "Iron Man"
97. "Spellbound"
98. "Milk"
99. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
100. "Capote"

The next 56, in order.

"Across the Universe"
"Walk the Line"
"Sugar and Spice"
"8 Mile"
"A Mighty Wind"
"The Proposition"
"American Splendor"
"A Beautiful Mind"
"The Royal Tenenbaums"
"Training Day"
"Donnie Darko"
"Almost Famous"
"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"
"Bowling for Columbine"
"Charlie Wilson's War"
"The Devil and Daniel Johnston"
"Love Actually"
"Little Miss Sunshine"
"Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
"Intolerable Cruelty"
"Lost in Translation"
"The Good Girl"
"Anvil: The Story of Anvil"
"Capturing the Friedmans"
"Big Fish"
"A Certain Kind of Death"
"Deliver Us From Evil"
"Down With Love"
"Hot Fuzz"
"Niagara Motel"
"Hamlet 2"
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
"Monsters Vs. Aliens"
"Lord of War"
"Kung Fu Hustle"
"Observe and Report"
"My Kid Could Paint That"
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
"Spider-Man 2"
"Rachel Getting Married"
"Gran Torino"
"King of California"
"The Motel"