Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daniel Knox "Slowly"

I made a video for the Daniel Knox song "Slowly". Please watch it.

Bloody fun?

33. "Kick-Ass"
I hated the first thirty minutes of dialogue. It was shaping up to be another teen film in which a nerd gets the girl and blah blah blah. Then it got super violent and great. The shitty lines made sense and I enjoyed every bit of it. I won't seek it out again and again but if it's on television I won't turn it off.

Oh, Canada.

32. "The Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day"
Not as good as their other movie or the television show. It's good and it moves the overall story along, but it was just lacking something. Maybe I didn't like it because it's not a Rickie movie. Whatever.

You think he's smart because you're young

31. "An Education"
The rare film that has excellent camerawork that means something in a subtle way. The rare film that uses money as a motivating factor in decision making. The rare film about a teenage girl adapted by a male that turned out well. I can't get over how good this film is, at least the first 90% of it. Even the ending didn't ruin the experience. It's like having the best meal of your life and following it up with a Twinkie for desert. It just isn't needed.

I love, love, love dry British wit.

Love and Spirits

30. "The Awful Truth"
I know I'll enjoy a film if it's in black and white, slapstick, made between 1935 and 1955, stars William Powell or Cary Grant and involves liberal consumption of alcohol. This is not the exception to that rule. I loved it. Each scene stands alone and is funny. Each one liner is excellent. Asta, the dog from "The Thin Man" series plays, or is in, this film.

Let's all wear suits, get drunk but not act drunk, converse with elders and enjoy happy endings.


29. "Mid-August Lunch"
I saw this at the Music Box on a Saturday evening. Besides a young couple on a date, I was the youngest person in the theater by twenty years. Not a bad thing, but I'm not the key demographic for this pleasant Italian film.

I have an Italian mother. She's demanding and 'old school' and dumb. Her beliefs are rooted in ignorance. She means well. My mother would have loved this film. I connected to this film in pleasant and unpleasant ways. Such is an Italian film.


28. "Atonement"
A film that will be taught for years. Giant in ambition and performances. Near perfect (I only use 'near' because I've just seen it and don't want to dub anything perfect without some time but that logic is flawed because everything changes over time). While it's not a film I'd watch obsessively, it's one that hit every note in a memorable way.