Friday, April 23, 2010

Not sad and lonely

24. "Whatever Works"
"I saw the abyss."
"Don't worry, we'll watch something else."

"She had a high IQ and a low cut dress."

Whether or not you like Woody Allen as a filmmaker shouldn't take away from his great writing. The man is a genius with a pen. With a camera, he's hit or not as big of a hit. "Whatever Works" is not as big of a hit. Larry David plays a role Allen would have if he wanted. I think Larry David played a better Woody Allen then Allen. I enjoyed David's ire more than Allen's neurosis. Coffee vs tea. You just like what you like.

The story isn't great. David lets a homeless teenager stay over one night. She's a rube and he's a genius. They fall in love, get married, things fall apart, NYC plays a big role, talk about baseball, art. sex, etc. It's exactly what you think it will be. It's not bad.

Older directors should not get to name "young bands". I have a theory that the older you get the more you associate loud rock music with anal rape.

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