Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yes we can

15. "Off the Cuff"
A friend of mine made this film. It's a mockumentary about a Chicago improv festival. I went in to the premiere expecting to see a mediocre product, not because the filmmmakers have a history of mediocracy, but because most friends art is a little underwhelming. I was happily suprised. I laughed out loud multiple times and days later had a song from the film stuck in my head.

It's difficult to judge a film when you know the filmmmakers. You inevitably watch with different eyes. I may have sat back and just enjoyed the film if I didn't know anyone in it. Instead I've been inspired to do what I wanted to do at 15 and make films. It was like seeing a punk band play in a basement for the first time at the age of 13.

Hopefully I'll be able to organize a screening of "Off the Cuff" for a YMTE night at the Hungry Brain. Then you could come and buy the DVD so my friends can make more films. It's the circle of life.


avant/chicago said...

Thanks man! Now it's your turn!

Jessica said...

Wow thanks Brandon!

Jeffrey G said...

Very nice! Thanks for the props.. and be sure to make Brent and Jess tell everyone about that screening.